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Apple's new 2021 MacBook Pro could arrive next month

WWDC 2021
What's in those glasses? (Image credit: Apple)

Apple is known for hiding subtle clues about its imminent product launches within its event invites. These are often much clearer in hindsight – once we actually know what's, you know, been announced. But a clue in the latest WWDC image seems to point to one very particular product.

Reflected in the glasses of a coder in Apple's new image is, as many eagle-eyed fans have spotted, the unicode names for three emoji. Two of them (knife and fork, and a sleeping face) seem rather random. But the third – a MacBook – does not. (Check out our best Apple deals if you're after a new Mac).

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That MacBook emoji appears to be the closest we've come yet to confirmation from Apple that the rumoured M1X MacBook Pro is on the way this June. We've heard some tantalising rumours about the successor to the already incredible M1 MacBook Pro, from super-fast speed to the removal of the logo (seriously). 

And everyone's favourite Apple leaker, Jon Prosser, has gone so far as to 'confirm' (below) that a new MacBook will be announced during the event, which runs from 7 - 11 June. We just hope its the 16-inch MacBook Pro that's getting the new chip – our best laptop for graphic design is definitely due an upgrade.

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But before we get too excited, it seems there could be another explanation for the three emoji. Many have pointed out that the cutlery, sleeping face and MacBook emoji are designed to translate to: Eat, sleep, code – a popular phrase at WWDC. If that's the case, this could simply be a clever joke for coders rather than an actual product tease.

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Either way, we won't have to wait long to find out. Apple's next keynote event takes place on the first day of the event, 7 June. And with hardware from a new Apple Watch to a new iPod (yes, you read that right) rumoured to be on the way, it could be a wild one.

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