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37 standout packaging designs

The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and inspiration for people interested in packaging design. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we've picked out the top online packaging design resources to help you really get to grips with it.

01. Packaging of the World

Packaging design: Packaging of the World

There are hundreds of packaging designs to inspire you on Packaging of the World

Packaging of the World is an extensive gallery showcasing the most interesting and creative packaging designs from around the world. This site is really well organised; you can choose to search for projects by category, country, product type, most popular, and so on, to narrow down what you're looking for. This is a brilliant resource in the area of packaging design, and is updated regularly with new examples. 

02. The Dieline

Packaging design: The Dieline

Find the latest packaging designs and news from around the world (Image credit: Dieline)

If it's information and inspiration on packaging design you're after, then The Dieline is a fantastic place to start. Founded in 2007, the site aims to define and promote the world's best packaging design. As well as news and opinion pieces, this site features a jobs board and a library of packaging designers and suppliers. 

03. Designspiration

Packaging design: Designspiration

Find and share awe-inspiring packaging designs with Designspiration (Image credit: Designspiration)

All sorts of creative goodness comes together at Designspiration. Created by Shelby White, Designspiration is a hub for collecting and sharing ideas, including a whole host of interesting and innovative packaging designs. The frustrating thing about this site is that there's nothing in the way of commentary; just images – and often there are no links to the creator of the packaging to enable you to explore further. However, for purely visual inspiration, it's great.

04. BXP

Packaging design: BXP packaging resources

For all things packaging design related, check out this brilliant blog

Formerly Package Design, Brand Experience – or BXP for short – is a fantastic resource for all things packaging design. The site features work from designers all around globe, the latest industry news, upcoming talent in the field, a resources section and much more. You can also narrow articles by material, to find exactly what your looking for.

05. Pinterest

Packaging design: pinterest

With hundreds of images to browse through, you're sure to find some package design inspiration on Pinterest

With hundreds of thousands of inspirational images in its archives, and more being added every day, we couldn't not include Pinterest on this list. Simply type 'package design' into the keyword search and watch the work appear. This is a popular subject on the social networking site, so you'll find yourself scrolling down on what seems like a never-ending page of packaging design projects.

06. Brand New

Packaging design: brand new

Brand New focuses solely on corporate and brand identity work (Image credit: Brand New)

A division of design firm Under Consideration, Brand New focuses solely on corporate and brand identity work, and features a vast library of inspirational packaging designs. But this is not just a showcase site; as well as all the beautiful imagery featured, many of the designs here are reviewed in detail, with experts giving their opinion on if, how and why each concept works.

07. BP&O

Packaging design: BP&O

Freelance designer Richard Baird shares his thoughts on new branding work on this blog (Image credit: BP&O)

BP&O is a blog run by British freelance designer and former writer for The Dieline, Richard Baird, who specialises in the development of branding and packaging. Baird picks recently developed designs, provides a short background and shares his thoughts and opinions on each. This is a great site for finding new work from around the globe.

08. Dezeen

Packaging design: Dezeen

Dezeen offers news on experimental packaging (Image credit: Dezeen)

Dezeen primarily explores architecture and interiors, but also offers interesting articles on product design and packaging. The resource is great for staying up to date with the more on the cutting-edge, experimental and innovative news in packaging design, including explorations into environmentally friendly packaging. 

09. Retail Design Blog

Packaging design: Retail Design Blog

This site is paywalled, but there's plenty of great insight on offer

Retail Design Blog (as you might expect) covers everything to do with retail design – so alongside the sections on materials and branding, there's also dedicated pages for store design and visual merchandising. You won't get too far without hitting the paywall though – if this site looks like it covers what you need, you'll need to shell out €10 a month to read everything (try it out with a free 30-day trial).

10. Ambalaj

Packaging design: Ambalaj

Check out designer Kristina de Verdier's blog for inspirational examples of packaging design

Ambalaj is actually the personal site of packaging designer Kristina de Verdier, but offers some interesting insights. The site is split into Insight, Design and Technology sections, with plenty of interesting news and inspiring examples to dig through.

11. Packaging World

Packaging design: Packaging World

Packaging World is updated daily with articles about packaging inspiration and materials

Packaging World Magazine's website is a great resource for professionals in packaging and manufacturing automation. It's not the best looking site, but it is updated daily with articles about packaging inspiration, equipment and materials, and provides a great way to stay up to date with the latest news about packaging.

12. Packaging UQAM

Packaging design: Packaging UQAM

French site Packaging UQAM is an excellent showcase of innovative packaging research

French site Packaging UQAM collects together amazing packaging that might have flown under your radar. If your French is not up to scratch, don't worry – there are English translations included. Here you'll find creative solutions for storing trowels, golf tees, wishbones and plenty more unusual products. It's the place to go if you're looking to shake up your research and discover original ideas.

13. Behance

Packaging design: behance

There's an awesome collection of packaging design work to inspire you on Behance

If you're a designer, you'll know Behance – but it's worth including here in case you'd overlooked it. The online portfolio community features all manner of packaging design projects, created by artists of all skill levels, in everything from shoe and pharmaceutical design to alcohol and electrical product designs. And of course, there are new additions being added pretty much constantly.

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