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33 standout packaging designs

28. Fuego Spice Co.

Packaging design

Robot Food brought some sophistication to a category where novelty usually rules (Image credit: Robot Food / Fuego Spice Co.)

Upon realising that its products were being slightly misunderstood, hot sauce makers Fuego Spice Co. called on Robot Food to help it better communicate that its range of sauces are more about elevating flavours than being excessively spicy. 

“These sauces aren’t scrambling for the top spot on the heat scale; the range focuses on flavour over fire, so the design needed to move away from the gimmicky style of the category,” says Chris Shuttleworth, senior designer at Robot Food. “We decided to look outside of hot sauce at more premium lifestyle products to pull some unexpected sophistication in a category where novelty normally rules.

“To establish Fuego’s hot sauces as a legitimate premium option, bold abstract lettering identifies each sauce and metallic foils are set off by a matte white background. We initiated more of a hierarchy, giving prominence to the master brand and filtering the information down to flavour profiles.”

29. Poilu paintbrushes

Packaging Design

Some paintbrushes have been dyed to create a 'beard'

This excellent example of packaging design comes from Simon Laliberté and offers the function of assembling two paintbrushes together with only one cardboard piece, which is printed on both sides. The natural hairs of some paintbrushes have been dyed to give the illusion of the moustache and beard combos. The font at the top of the handle is also noteworthy.

30. Montgomery and Evelyn

This supplement packaging has a scientific undertone

This supplement packaging has a scientific undertone (Image credit: Studio Makgill / Montgomery and Evelyn)

Studio Makgill created the visual identity and packaging design for Montgomery and Evelyn, a company offering food supplements for mental wellbeing. “Working closely with the company’s founder, Evie Montgomery, our brief was to create an identity that was not only empowering but also pioneering in its approach, while offering the simplest synergetic supplement support,” says creative director Hamish Makgill.

“Our strategy was to match the clarity in Evie’s approach with an identity and packaging based on a system of balance, structure and order, with a scientific undertone that’s disrupted by molecules that reference the benefit of each product.”

31. Mighty Nuts

Maija Rozenfelde focused on user experience and function

This incredible pistachio packaging design was created by student Maija Rozenfelde, when she was still completing her degree in packaging design at Pratt Institute. She says of the design: "A crucial part of the thought process was to focus on user experience and second function of the package. The main intention was to create graphics that depict the crunchiness of pistachios, that’s where the hand-made type treatment comes in."

32. Helvetimart

packaging design: anagrama

Switzerland's regional flags provided the inspiration for these food packaging designs

Helvetimart is a Swiss shop that sells specialty food products. For its packaging design, branding heavyweight Anagrama took inspiration from the regional flags of the country's 26 sovereign states.

"We simplified these flags to create a homogeneous language, using representative elements and colours to develop the labels for the brand’s products and the signage within the store to ease its navigation," the agency explains.

33. Utopick Chocolates

chocolate packaging design

Origami is the theme running throughout this chocolate packaging

Based in Valencia, Spain, Lavernia & Cienfuegos is a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in graphic, product and packaging design. When master chocolatier Paco Llopis required a new design and packaging for his products, the team pulled out all the stops. Llopis already had an icon: a ship, to represent the spirit of adventure and hint at the long journey cocoa pods must make to reach the chocolatier.

Lavernia & Cienfuegos opted for an origami version of the ship, a decision that led the theme for the rest of the packaging design. "Utopick package their batches by hand so we created a unique way of folding the paper to wrap the bars," explains the team. "The paper folds to create two triangles on the front of the design, each with their own colour and texture, personalising every bar."

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