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New packaging design promises fast food revolution

food packaging

Will this be how we're carrying our favourite fast food home in future?

You'd think that after decades of taking out our favourite fast food, someone, somewhere would have come up with a clever way of carrying your drink at the same time as your burger and fries. Well, this innovative packaging design sets out to do just that - plus it ticks a lot of boxes in terms of sustainable design.

Comprising one, simple cardboard cut-out, this one-handed solution to transporting was created by student Seulbi Kim. Essentially, it enables you to safely pack away your burger and fries before adding your drink to the middle hole. With small handles at the top, this is a design that could really work.

togo burger

We'd love to see this design concept put into practice by fast food companies

"The carrier will reduce the volume by about 50 percent," says Kim. "I tried to simplify the design and minimize the amount of paper used. It is one-handed, convenient, practical, and compact, so your hands can be more free by holding all in one."

We love the idea - although we wonder how safe it would be in our clumsy hands, especially late at night and after a few drinks. But what do you make of it? Let us know your thoughts!

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