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Ministry of Sound posters capture raw energy of clubbing

Developed by creative agency Studio Output, the idea of the new Ministry of Sound poster campaign for the London Underground was to convey the energy of the club with seven seminal moments. The underlying concept: give people a glimpse into what goes on behind the club's famous doors.

"It's about capturing real people in special moments, almost like stills from key parts of an imaginary film," says creative director Dan Moore. "We wanted to try and get across clubbers' personal experiences of a night out at Ministry of Sound, whilst elevating those moments to an epic, stripped back single visual statement."

Dedication to design

The Studio Output team collaborated with street photographer Paul Bence, who spent every Friday and Saturday at the club for three months, documenting the electricity of the nights and the passion of the people.

"We had Paul Bence in mind from the start to work with because of the grainy, innocent quality of his street photography and his ability to capture really atmospheric natural light in nighttime environments," Moore explains. The result is a brilliant, raw portrayal of a clubber's experience inside the famous venue.

Black and white and... yellow

Having initially opted just to create purely black and white posters, the Studio Output team finally chose to incorporate yellow into the headline. "Various primary colours were looked at, along with the consideration of a variety of colours across the series," says Moore. "But in the end yellow was chosen. Yellow and black form an important part of Ministry of Sound's heritage - being used on their iconic 'Warning: Excessive Noise' posters and forming part of their current brand scheme."

The Studio Output team have managed a great balance between photography and bold typographic slogans, taken from classic house tracks, in these designs. The addition of a time-stamp, helping to place the slogan and image within a real narrative, is also a really nice touch.

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