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Kreyos unveils first smartwatch with voice and gesture control

In a world of physical devices that are designed for a connected world - smartphones, smart TVs - it was only a matter of time before the simple wristwatch became the smartwatch. Rumours abound that Apple will unveil an 'iWatch' at some point in the future, and now designer Josh Hemsley has unveiled the watch and app interface for the Kreyos Meteor - the first hands-free, two-way model smartwatch.

The new device boasts some seriously impressive technological features, including using various motion sensors. Control of the watch can be taken with a set of customisable wrist movements, there's a microphone that allows the user to remotely activate Siri and built-in software allows fitness and achievement tracking.

Achievable goals

Described as "ready for production" and featured on Indigogo, the crowdfunded project has already smashed its $100,000 goal - currently at $182,112 and with another 45 days to go, this project looks set to go full steam ahead. Kreyos estimates that shipping of the Meteor will begin by the end of November 2013, with those who backed the project recieving theirs before the Christmas holidays.

The concept of a smartwatch is nothing new, if anything it's a niche market that's somewhat overcrowded. But, with a host of impressive features and the only model to offer both voice and gesture control, could the Kreyos Meteor be the smartwatch to rival the iWatch when it finally arrives?

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