Designers resuscitate dying words with creative type

The Dead Words is a typography design project kicked off by Karen To in 2010 as a way to express her love of both words and type. The graphic designer, illustrator and letterer is driven to promote and commemorate no-longer-used words before they die out completely and are forgotten forever. To explains: "For over centuries, thousands of English words have been created, modified, and removed. Through this blog of lettering, we rediscover and interpret stories of dead words. All letterings in here are words that were once used in our language. Today, most of them are omitted from common English dictionaries."

The project has generated much interest in the design community with well over 100 contributions to the project and counting, including everything from handcrafted to kinetic typography... Here is just a small selection of the beautiful submissions, with many more to see on the website.

Hypenemious by David McLeod

Aretaloger by Rob Clarke

Philargyrist by Simon H. / Studio Ace of Spade

Gutturniform by Lydia Nichols

Quadrimular by Masato Nakada

Jungible by Baimu Studio

Leporicide by Brian Grossman

Maleolent by Andrea Austoni

Ptochology by Masato Nakada

Mecography by Carl Wiens

See many more fantastic examples on The Dead Words blog.

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