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Guerrilla typography: 30 amazing photos of type in the wild

19. God save the Queen - Lies!

Guerrilla Fonts 19

When the theme was 'God save the Queen' people were asked to find type against authority. Good graffiti can do this well and echo what people are feeling. I'll leave you to judge whether the graffiti in this photo taken by @Calmcalmcalm in Sheffield is good or bad graffiti.

20. God save the Queen - Fell away

Guerrilla Fonts 20

Designer Jonathan Barnbrook (@barnbrook) was the host of Font Sunday this week and tweeted this photo of a sign accidentally subverting itself. Sometimes taking something away suggests something new.

21. Good font, bad font - Voucher

Guerrilla Fonts 21

When Good Font Bad Font hosted Font Sunday they asked people to provide their examples of good and bad fonts used in the wild. I think the fonts used in this voucher tweeted by @AaronGuthrie are good, but it is a subjective thing.

22. Good font bad font - Olympic font

Guerrilla Fonts 22

The Olympic font suggested by @Aurelthom divides opinion. Do you think this is a good, or a bad font?

23. Wayfinding - 12 Ave

Guerrilla Fonts 23

When Gary Hustwit, director of the film Helvetica, hosted Font Sunday he put forward the theme wayfinding. This pavement street sign in Calgory tweeted by @iregier because of the both the clear bold type and the beautiful texture of the pavement.

24. Wayfinding - La Poste

Guerrilla Fonts 24

The colour, illustrations and wonderful type in this sign tweeted by @alexiacombe could double as an illustration in a learn French book.

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