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Guerrilla typography: 30 amazing photos of type in the wild

25. Do it yourself - Coffee

Guerrilla Fonts 25

I've been bored on a train plenty of times, but @pylon_sean used the time well and doodled this beautiful collection of coffee inspired type.

26. Do it yourself - Fireworks

Guerrilla Fonts 26

This photo by @nessdonnelly shows that you don't need to hire expensive sign writers. You can do it yourself and probably still sell plenty of fireworks.

27. Page one - Hemmingway

Guerrilla Fonts 27

You might judge a book by its cover, but how's the typography on the first page? GraphicDesign& asked for people's favourite page ones and @jenniferleith sent in this great example.

28. Page one - Design Connoisseur

Guerrilla Fonts 28

You'd expect a good page one from a book on type and this page tweeted by @twentysixtypes doesn't disappoint.

29. Logos - Fortnum & Mason

Guerrilla Fonts 29

Some logos are just a symbol, but some like this logo tweeted by @bellamanfield rely on the qualities and feeling of the typeface to portray everything needed about the brand.

30. Logos - Marshall

Guerrilla Fonts 30

This Marshall logo tweeted by @mwkdesigns shows again that sometimes all you need is a good font to make an iconic brand.

This is just a small selection of the Font Sunday pictures from weeks gone by, but Font Sunday is best if you take part so please check out the hash tag #FontSunday to see what the theme will be and start posting your own font pictures.

Richard Garside is a part-time type nerd and full time software developer. He is the creator of Font Picker, an app that makes browsing through your fonts and finding the perfect one for your next project a breeze.