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Guerrilla typography: 30 amazing photos of type in the wild

13. Archives - Letraset

Guerrilla Fonts 13

Letrasets are no longer commonplace and mainly now resigned to people's archives. They remind me of my dad who gave me loads when he no longer needed them for his architectural work. I used all mine, but these belong to @margotswift and are still sticky.

14. Archives - Tax disc

Guerrilla Fonts 14

Keep something long enough and it may rise above its humble origins and its true beauty may be seen. This 1955 tax disc tweeted by @GillySheridan was once a common object that most people probably threw away. Now it's brilliant.

15. Summertime - American Airlines

Guerrilla Fonts 15

Summer has been a mixed bag this year, but there were some wonderful Font Sunday pictures. I think this poster from @sjculture is my favourite because it reminds me of Mad Men.

16. Summertime - Mojito

Guerrilla Fonts 16

This fun serif font tweeted by @Komalantz makes me want a cool refreshing mojito, even though I don't like rum.

17. Fonts on food - Potato shapes

Guerrilla Fonts 17

@Redmanbecky obviously knows how to have fun with food and fonts. Now someone get me some alphabetti spaghetti!

18. Fonts on food - Rock on

Guerrilla Fonts 18

Food with fonts all the way through. This rock tweeted by @smileymonroeltd looks amazing and makes me wonder how they make it.

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