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Guerrilla typography: 30 amazing photos of type in the wild

07. Book covers - Making dolls

Guerrilla Fonts 7

This thoroughly charming book cover tweeted by @Merely_Alice makes me feel warm inside.

08. Book covers - Cold War

Guerrilla Fonts 8

This book cover tweeted by @Tom_Pch makes excellent use of type. Could a font shout "Cold War" at you more than this one does?

09. Invites - 30th

Guerrilla Fonts 9

This invite received from @_treepig_ makes lovely use of typography and what could be better than a font cake?

10. Invites - Your design cities

Guerrilla Fonts 10

This invite to the Your Design Cities exhibition tweeted by @lacey_Glave uses carefully set type in a way that suggests the cities that the exhibition is about.

11. Foreign fonts - Japanese train tickets

Guerrilla Fonts 11

In a foreign font anything can look beautiful and the kanji script of Japan makes even the most mundane written word stand out. These train tickets from @thewaytobe reminded my of my own time in Japan and the wonderful writing I saw while I was there.

12. Foreign fonts - Bangladesh sign

Guerrilla Fonts 12

Would this sports-related sign from Bangladesh tweeted by @ghostsigns look as good if you understood it?

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