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World's youngest Master Penman on the beauty of handwriting

In this digital age, it's always refreshing to see artwork created by hand. Someone who feels passionately about this is Jake Weidmann. At just 30 years old, Weidmann is the youngest Master Penman in the world by three decades, and one of only 12 who can claim that title. In order to obtain such a title, an artist must dedicate their life to, and champion, the art of calligraphy. And Weidmann has done just that.

In the video above, the talented artist provides a glimpse into his often months-long process of creating breathtaking works, the very real struggles it takes to achieve them and the power of the pen in a world where there is seemingly less and less need for the tactile art of hand writing.

"I hope to get more people involved with this and fall in love with writing by hand," he comments. You can see more of Weidmann's work over on his website.

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