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Free ebook: Creative Consistency in UI Design

Creative Consistency in UI Design cover

Download this free ebook today!

Free ebook Consistency in UI Design: Creativity Without Confusion lays out the rules for consistency and when to break them in web design.

Filled with examples from Amazon, Yelp, Dolce & Gabbana, and awwwards-nominated sites, the free ebook strikes a nice balance between real-world application and design theory.

The team at UXPin – which net magazine called one of the hottest new wireframing/prototyping tools for 2015 – wrote the book based on existing design best practices and advice from their own designers.

Why it's important

Consistency makes a world of difference to your user, separating an intuitive interface that puts them at ease, and one that confuses them to where they don’t bother. But as valuable as familiarity is, so too is individuality and breaking from the herd. The art of consistency is a delicate one, so it’s helpful to know a few guidelines.

In this free ebook, you’ll learn the secrets of:

  • Why a lack of consistency was listed as one of the most egregious UX errors
  • How consistency with other sites and apps can save your user time on learnability
  • Why internal consistency is essential, but unfortunately neglected
  • When to break the mould and deviate from the “normal” way of doing things
  • How slight variations can draw attention to specific elements without being jarring
  • What UI patterns are and how they can save your project

Take a look, and feel free to share with anyone else who might like it!

Download the free ebook here

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