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Turkish artist clones himself!

These mesmerizing GIFs by Istanbul-based artist Erdal Inci really are impossible to take your eyes away from. In this unqiue body of work, the freelance videographer populates GIFs with dozens of digital clones of himself in different environments.

Creating the cool images from experimental videos he shot in various locations, Inci can be seen running through tunnels, walking up and downstairs and sliding down stair railings, amongst other things. He also uses flashlights in some to create even more striking effects.

Usually filmed in poor lit areas at nighttime, there's something incredibly eerie about these looping GIFs. The clones of the artist are totally hypnotic and more than a little creepy - we could easily see them fitting into a new zombie movie. But they have us hooked nonetheless. We can't wait to see what Inci comes up with next...

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