Clean, full-screen Google Maps redesign 'leaked'

Image credit: Google Operating System blog

Google Maps has been the go-to online mapping tool for several years, seeing off attacks from Bing and most memorably Apple to retain geo-top spot. But Google is never one to rest on its laurels and according to the Google Operating System blog, a massive redesign of its mapping tool is imminent.

Most noticeably Maps will become a full-screen web app, the update removing the tired-looking sidebar and compartmentalised structure. Pop-up overlays will take on the sidebar's duties, appearing as and when required.

Image credit: Google Operating System blog

Google+ is set to be heavily integrated as Google continues to push its social platform through widespread integration with its more successful products.

The colour schemes, icons and text styles are updated too, but the main aim of this update is a renewed focus on the map itself leading to a cleaner, simpler interface. But will it actually appear? We'll find out for sure at next week's Google IO...

(Source: Techradar)

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