Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5's illuminating branding

Take a look behind the scenes to discover how Tolleson made ambitious use of light and photography to create Lightroom 5's visual identitfier.

Tolleson is the San Francisco studio behind the designs of Adobe's new Creative Cloud products' visual identities - and highly impressive they are too, from Photoshop CC's 'illusion'-themed lettering to InDesign CC's 'orchestral' identifier.

Now they've given us an enlightening peek into their process, with this video going behind the scenes of their Adobe Lightroom 5 shoot.

The Californian creatives headed deep into a coastal redwood grove with a heap of fluorescent tubes and fishing line to build an LED sculpture. Their website explains: "Powered on, letterforms glow in a halo of light - luminescence grounds the installation and defines each initial. The Lightroom 5 sculpture evokes the way light transforms perception and influences our visual experience."

[via DesignWorkLife]

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