10 rules for running a killer studio

Fredrik Öst is the founder and creative director of the award-winning studio SNASK. Here's his top tips for success.

10 commandments for running a killer studio

The SNASK team like to do things differently

As headliners of this year's OFFSET, it's clear that SNASK are doing something right. From supersized type stunts to beautiful branding projects, the Stockholm-based studio are as inspiring as they are inventive. We spoke to founder and creative director Fredrik Öst after their triumphant lecture at the event about why their 10 commandments go hand-in-hand with their creative output.

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01. If you don't like your job – quit

"We strongly believe that everyone should work with something they feel passionate about. A lot of people email us that they'd quit their jobs after seeing us or reading our book. We love when people follow their dreams instead of some idiot sitting five floors above them in a badly tailored suit."

02. If you love someone – let it show

"Yes, can't say this enough. Make sure your love shows for your partner, for your family, for your friends and everyone that you care for. Otherwise you WILL regret it on your death bed."

03. Generosity always pays itself back

"We hate greedy and cheap people, companies, governments etc. Goes for money but also about ideas and much more. Share and you shall prosper."

04. Achieve greatness yourself before pointing out the faults of others

"If you really want to be an idiot and complain on others instead of giving positive feedback, then at least make sure you've made yourself perfect first, which no one can be."

05. Bureaucracy is spelled Bureaucrazy

"We hate bureaucrazy. It slows things and people down and create barriers for the people. Most annoying is when there are bureacrazy at small companies where its not even needed."

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