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Where to find free background textures: 15 great resources

We reveal the best sites to find high-quality, free background textures for use in your designs.

Background textures are a great way to give depth and originality to your designs and go hand in hand with vector-based work. Even better, there are thousands of free background textures available to download from the web with little fuss.

The first place to check is our own superb collection of 40 free textures to download! But if you still haven't found what you're looking for, here are the best places to find more free background textures, to get you started and experimenting and building your own personal collection.

01. Lost and Taken

free background textures

Lost and Taken is one of my favourite websites for free background textures. There are a variety of categories of textures to choose from, and you have the choice of downloading individual textures one by one or downloading them all in a zip file at the bottom of the post. Whether you're looking for vintage film filters, old stained notebook pages, or  dozens of other interesting and intriguing categories of background textures, you will be more than satisfied with the variety on offer.

02. Graphic River

free background textures

Graphic River is another platform created to satisfy the designer's craving for free background textures. Its library of textures is very impressive and easy to use, as well as offering other graphic-related downloadable files such as vectors and add-ons.

03. Wegraphics

free background textures

From Seamless Burlap to Retro Linen, Wegraphics offers a themed selection of free background textures to be used in a specific contexts.

04. Texture King

free background textures

There's a heavy photographic influence to what Texture King has to offer: outdoor textures such as wood, concrete and bark, for example. Once you hit this site, you'll start to see countless possibilities in the ways these free background textures could be used.

05. Subtle Patterns

free background textures

Subtle Patterns provides textures to use directly onto web-related projects. A brilliant source of subtle (obviously) background textures for web designers.

06. Free textures for layers

free background textures

This Flickr album gives direct and free usage of a vibrant and high resolution set of free background textures, to be used directly or edited as you wish under a Creative Commons License.

07. Blog Spoon Graphics

free background textures

Blog Spoon Graphics is a superb design blog offering a wide range of resources for designers. These include a great collection of subtle background textures, made Photoshop friendly, to be used and edited directly as layers.

08. Digital Camera World

free background textures

A beautiful and creative range of 100 free Photoshop friendly textures that are available for direct download.

09. Texture Gen

free background textures

Texture Gen is possible the ultimate texture hub, with a vast range of categories of free background textures organised in a way that's easy to use and browse through.

10. Practical Photoshop Mag

Creative Bloq's sister magazine Practical Photoshop offers some fantastic, specific sets of textures. There are hundreds of free background textures to download here for your projects.

11. FBrushes

free background textures

FBrushes offers a great selection of seasonal-inspired images. Its free background textures are made easily accessible for Photoshop, Illustrator and most creative software.

12. Graphicmania

free background textures

Another great resource providing a selection of original and useful free background textures to add to your collection.

13. Shizoo

free background textures

Shizoo is a great resource for graphic-related downloads, and has a beautiful and vibrant library of free background textures made available for download.

14. Texture Palace

free background textures

Texture Palace is an interactive website and resource platform that allows you to share your background textures as well as download the selection available for free - and discover other designers across the globe through their texture-based designs.

15. Mayang

free background textures

Mayang has over 4,350 free to download, high-resolution background textures, including images of fabric, metal, wood, stone and more.

Words: Meryem Meg

Meryem Meg is a Leeds-based graphic designer and illustrator whose inspiration lies in melodic word play and typographic experimentation. Follow her on Twitter at @meryemmeg.

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