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Engrossing ident takes you from micro to macro

Dvein is the collaborative name under which directors Fernando Domínguez, Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo work. Based in Barcelona, the studio’s portfolio includes both live action and animation pieces - such as Dvein’s recent project for American digital cable and satellite television channel the Science Channel.

"The brief Science Channel gave us was pretty open," in-house producer Marga Sardà says, "but they did reference some of our previous work for Terminix, SyFy and Eva. The challenge was to mix all these worlds," she says.

The project magnifies microscopic worlds into great, sprawling terrains - creating a strange and beguiling effect. "The idea was to transform the micro to the macro and vice versa, and to explore myriad topics such as biology, insects, technology... The worlds of the strange and the odd: it’s science fiction anchored in fact."

See more inspiring work over on the Dvein website.

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