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After Effects

This month we'll be using the features within After Effects to show you how to get noticed. You may be a great animator or 3D modeller, but in a client's eyes, you're only as great as the work you can present to them. You can increase the impact of your best work by showcasing it within a showreel that uses creative software to the full.

When a client is approached with a showreel, it's often an unexciting linear reel. Nothing wrong with that, of course; it does the job. But we're going to take this a step further, showing you how to jazz up your showreel with some AE trickery to make sure it stands out.

Most showreels are on video. This is also fine, but if you can create a complete interface that brings up your best animations individually, telling the potential client a little about the project, you can pretty much guarantee the wow factor.

We'll be creating a 3D rotating logo that's a little bit more special than your bog standard spinning 3D text, plus a repeating morphing background and a cool way of displaying your animations and project descriptions.

This tutorial can be found in issue 75 of Computer Arts , October 2002. To order a copy, please contact For more expert tutorials on 3D, Web and Photoshop, plus interactive CD ROM, subscribe for 13 issues here.

Download the tutorial pdf here and the accompanying files below.