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Animated animals piece together conference logo

In just under two months, Europe's most influential annual conference for digital entertainment FMX will take place in Stuttgart. And at the forefront of its marketing campaign is this brilliantly animated intro sequence, which features six, highly-active animals carrying the final piece of the FMX logo in a thrilling race through a forest.

The FMX trailers are traditionally created by students of the Institute of Animation, Effects and Digital Postproduction at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (you may remember last year's hilarious Rollin' Safari animation featuring inflated animals). And this year's 'Rugbybugs' trailer is no exception, with direction by Carl Schröter, Martin Lapp, Emanuel Fuchs, Fabian Fricke and Matthias Bäuerle, and production by Alexandra Stautmeister and Anica Maruhn.

Stautmeister comments on the FMX website: "Our main aim was to create a story in which we could combine CG characters, visual effects and real, built scenery. We loved the idea of animals having a chase through a forest. The story, with its main characters and the different techniques, gave every director of the team enough space to contribute his own creativity and set of skills."

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