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3D without the CGI: Greg Barth's essays on reality

As soon as we stumbled onto Swiss-based designer Greg Barth's 'Essays On Reality' site, we knew we'd found something special. Tantalising your creative tastebuds with sharp, in-your-face aesthetics, the artist has crafted some of the most inventive videos we've ever come across.

Essays On Reality is an ongoing series of short video art installations, influenced by the existentialist and surrealist movement, and inspired by socio-political and economic events from around the world.

WATCH THIS! Essays On Reality Chapter 2:

Each chapter is depicted as a caricature of its theme, which is then separated into three essays. Greg released the first chapter back in 2012 and has just showcased the latest addition; as well as an intriguing 'making-of' video.

His stunning, minimalist 3D aesthetics are all crafted without the use of CGI using camera tricks and green screen elements. All of the sets are physically made-up, allowing Greg to showcase his awe-inspiring talents and heavy concept.

WATCH THIS! Essays On Reality Chapter 2 - the making of:

To find out more about Garth or his Essays On Reality project, you can head over to his creative blog: click here.

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