Fluid 3D brandy ad stirs the senses

Barcelona-based creative agency Trizz recently released this visually stunning 3D spot for Galicia Distillery and their internationally acclaimed brandy, Renuage.

The team was invited to create an exquisite journey of taste and sensations, made entirely in CGI. And the result was this beautiful, artistic film full of amazing fluid simulations created using 3D fluid and dynamics software RealFlow.

The Trizz team created the stunning effects in this spot using 3D fluid simulations software RealFlow

The Trizz team comment on the website: "Learning about the distillers unique process and flavour, Trizz co-founder and director Oriol Puig developed a poetic treatment. By metaphorically capturing the taste-journey, the story is visualised as a series of sensory moments.

The story is visualised as a series of sensory moments

"The warmth of the spirit is triggered, then flows into tingles of orange energy on the taste buds, riding in waves and peaks of liquid and bursts of vanilla flowers - landing as accents of walnut (the distillery oak barrels are especially selected across Europe, made from high grade oak). Galicia are amazing clients, they believe in the powers of creativity, and boldly took a new path for advertising their brandy."

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