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Striking abstract idents for the BBC and Kiss TV

It would appear the team at London-based design, motion, and direction company We Are 17 have been keeping very busy of late judging by their last two projects...

Kiss TV

First up is this series of super-cool idents for music channel Kiss TV. The We Are 17 team received a brief asking them to "conceive a collection of IDs that would embody the fresh, edgy and glamorous values of the channel".

Produced entirley in-house, the result was four vibrant, eye-catching videos that used a combination of techniques, including motion capture, 2D, and 3D elements. The music was handled by the team at Zelig Sound, who were brought in to compose and produce a set of individual themes across the idents.

Striking look

"Our goal was to develop a striking look and feel across the idents that would reinforce the channel's progressive values with a nod to the brand's heritage," says We Are 17 co-founder and creative director Stephen Simmonds.

"Our starting point was to explore styles, motifs, textures and palettes that visually optimised each of the channels' core music genres. We ultimately combined aspects of each with a rich, lustrous and sophisticated feel that would satisfy the forward thinking needs of the channel, while being reflective of their content. We animated everything in Cinema 4D except the characters' movement, which was all motion capture, recorded at E Motion Capture."

BBC Entertainment India

The We Are 17 team has also just finished working on a commission received by the BBC Worldwide to conceive and produce a set of seasonal brand idents for BBC Entertainment India that would embody the spirit of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

The team developed the IDs with the concept of an interaction between Indian silks and light, which creates a feeling of abstract celebration. Simmonds comments, "All follow a simple theme of darkness becoming light, building to a crescendo of colour, movement and excitement."

Like the Kiss TV idents, the team developed the project in-house, again using Zelig Sound to compose the soundtrack for the set.

What do you think of these idents? Tell us your opinions in the comments below...

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