Mindblowing VFX makes Vodafone ad a must-see

It's 3D VFX galore in this epic new spot for Vodafone. Directed by Sebastian Strasser from Radical Media, the project was filmed over six days in Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania, during which the production team have to navigate some of Europe's worst flooding in decades.

Shot almost entirely using hand held cameras, the team managed to capture a wealth of fluid, natural movements, which were then composited together by Time Based Arts. And what a fantastic job they've done at creating a seamless blend of CG and live action.

Creative VFX

The Time Based Arts team comment on their website: "This ambitious project first crossed our path in the spring with a phone call from Sebastian. What followed was a bizarre conversation about sim cards, eggs, cats, transformers, buffalos and rockets. Although we were left scratching our heads it was immediately apparent that the film was going to be ambitious, bold and packed with creative VFX.

Transformers with kittens - what more could we ask for?!

"We're really proud of the final image and the low-fi and naturalistic feel of the spot overall. Transformers with kittens - what more could we ask for?!"

Packed with amazing VFX indeed, it's action from the off and lasts the entire 97-second duration, keeping your eyes well and truly glued to the screen. An original, brilliant and perfectly executed concept.

The shoot took place during some pretty serious flooding in northern Germany and the Czech Republic

The team at visual effects and animation studio ILP in Sweden helped out on the shark section

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