Coke ditches TV advertising for digital

The main button on the umbrella site takes you to different games, GIFs and videos at random

If there's one company known for going all-out for television advertising, it's Coke. So we were shocked to learn that its latest campaign - tagline 'The Ahh Effect' - will be the first to include no TV commercials at all, relying purely on its digital reach, and in particular targeting smartphones.

The games are easy to play in short bursts

In a campaign masterminded by Wieden+Kennedy, the soft drinks giant has bought up 61 URLs containing the word 'ahh', with an increasing number of added 'h's -;, and so on. The umbrella site is, and this URL will be imprinted on the inside of 16oz and 20oz bottles of Coke.

Snackable content

Rather than one centralised video or message, each of the domains will host a variety of 'snackable' content, including online games, animated GIFs and funny videos, in an attempt to appeal to a new teenage market.

Content will come from a range of sources

Content will be overseen by Wieden+Kennedy but some will also come from its media partners including Alloy, Vevo, and Break Media.

Other content will come from creative communities such as Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. And some will be crowdsourced from teenagers themselves.

Focus on mobile

Significantly, each piece of content in the campaign will be optimized for mobile - primarily iOS and Android - and designed to last between a few seconds and a couple of minutes, to capture the short attention span of youngsters.

The bright and cartoony visuals are aimed squarely at youngsters

But nothing has been set in stone; content will be added and removed on a trial and error basis to the 61 'Ahh' sites depending on its popularity.

So will this be a coherent campaign or a inchoate babble of noise? Is the latter what kids these days want anyway? We don't know, but we can't wait to find out!

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