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Rap song bigs up graphic designers

Tired of rap songs about gangsters? Here's a track by designer, rapper, and filmmaker Paul Yutaka that pays tribute to pretty much everyone in modern agencyland, from graphic designers to creative directors.

Taking the listener through an A-Z of creativity, it's brimming with tongue-twisting alliteration. In a kind of hip-hop version of Sesame Street, the letter G pays respect to:"Groundbreaking goals with graphite upon a grid/gratifying galleries, graphics that have a grip," while J gives it up for the "Jpeg juggernauts juggling jobs/jumping these judgemental jerks dropping their jaw."

The video was created to commemorate stock library Shutterstock reaching 60 million images in its collection, and is made entirely from stock video clips. For more about how the video was devised and the artist behind the rap, visit the Shutterstock Blog.

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