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The 14 best music videos of 2014

To get your creative juices flowing, you might need to take time out from your busy day and settle down infront of some of the most inspirational formats - the music video. It might not be the first place you think of but sitting down to watch a couple of minutes of animation, kinetic typography, or motion graphics might just do the trick.

Here we pick our favourite music videos of 2014, which include the likes of Hattie Stewart and Kate Moross taking the reigns as directors and animators.

01. Spectres - Sooky Eyeball

"I had always toyed with the idea of bringing my illustrations to life, but never had the time or patience," explains Spectres band member and illustrator Adrian Dutt (opens in new tab). "When we wrote Sooky Eyeball, all I could imagine was a sensory overload in my head. I wanted to recreate that claustrophobic and overbearing sound with simple line drawings, taking the viewer into Our own dark corner of the world.

"I worked on it sporadically for 3 months, hand drawing every frame and animating it. I almost gave up and I think the band lost all hope I'd ever finish it." Take a look at the incredible hand-drawn illustrative animation above.

02. Kylie Minogue - Sexercise

We're huge fans of Hattie Stewart (opens in new tab) here at Creative Bloq, so we were thrilled when she announced that she was working with Kylie Minogue on her latest music video. Showcasing her impeccable doodling skills, Kylie comes alive against some of Hattie's best character designs.

03. Courtney Barnett - Anonymous Club

As one of the most exciting acts to come out in the music industry this year, all eyes are on Australian Courtney Barnett - and her music videos. This beautiful creation for 'Anonymous Club' was designed by Celeste Potter (opens in new tab), who specialises in animating music videos.

04. Basement Jaxx - Unicorn

Directed by Krakow based designer Tomek Ducki (opens in new tab), this is a music video that has to be seen to be believed. "They asked me to do a visual for the whole four minutes based on the logo of their new album, plus of course to feature a unicorn," he told Deezen (opens in new tab). "I told them that I don't animate unicorns anymore but I finally made an exception.

"I had an extremely little amount of time comparing to the length of the animation so I eliminated everything which might be time consuming process: no textures, no render, no fancy storytelling. I rather pushed it to create as many joyful tiny figures and movements as possible."

05. Heartsrevolution - Do or Die

Kate Moross (opens in new tab) is one of the most exciting and innovative designers in the world right now, so when she creates something new, we sit up and pay attention. Directing this music video for Heartsrevolution, it's packed full of Moross' token bright colours and nostalgic attitudes.

06. The Low Frequency in Stereo - Cybernautic

This incredibly impressive music video was created by motion graphics designer Knut Are Vatne (opens in new tab). Using an MIG-Helmet from China and a 250 litre fish tank, the video came together. "It some patience to fill it with water, emtying it when shots go wrong, and then fill it up again. A singer without a body also came in handy," he explains.

07. ‪Kimbra - 90s Music

New Zealand Grammy award-winner Kimbra is certainly starting to make waves over on our shores and this new music video for her new single is one of the most colourful and creative we've ever seen. Creatively directed by fashion photographer Thom Kerr (opens in new tab) with amazing typographic animations from 2VEINTE (opens in new tab).

08. We Were Evergreen - Belong

Another amazing addition to Kate Moross (opens in new tab)' portfolio is this beautiful lyric video for We Were Evergreen. "We took the collaged layers and typography from the campaign and created a simple textural video that plays close attention to the syllables and musical details within the song," Studio Moross told It's Nice That (opens in new tab). "The end result is a simple visualiser that is a perfect continuation of our collaboration with the band, and adds more dimension to the aesthetic of the campaign."

09. Metronomy - Love Letters

Academy award winning director Michel Gondry (opens in new tab) is responsible for this brilliant music video for British band Metronomy. Using his token hand-painted set designs, the band are enveloped into a cartoon-like dream world that help their lyrics come to life. If you're prone to dizziness however, you may want to steer clear!

10. ‪Röyksopp & Robyn - Sayit‬

Directed by Swedish design team Sandberg & Timonen (opens in new tab), this new song from Röyksopp & Robyn was created in collaboration with H&M. The video is packed full of glitchy visuals that will make you double-take your screen. Prepare for your mind to be altered.

11. Sebastien Tellier - Love

This cartoon video for French singer Sebastien Teller pictures him in the buff and taking a sultry walk around paradise. Directed by artist Valentine Reinhardt, who also painted the cover for Teller's album, it's very French and very fantastic.

12. Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Knock Knock

This video for Ukrainian-based Brunettes Shoot Blondes (opens in new tab) sees the use of 14 different Apple devices to tell an animated story. Each played a different video fragment at the same time, but everything was synchronized to create one story. We'd explain further, but it's something you're much better of understanding by watching it...

13. Dog Blood - Chella Ride

Golden Wolf (opens in new tab)'s video for Dog Blood, a collaborative side project by Skrillex and Boys Noize is a meandering back-story involving genetically modified dogs, a dystopian future and spaceships built from 60s junk. Find out how they went about making it here (opens in new tab).

14. Phantogram - Fall in love

Timothy Saccenti (opens in new tab) and Joshua Davis (opens in new tab) teamed up to create the music video for Fall in Love by Phantogram (opens in new tab). Davis wrote programs to produce computer-generated graphics that were projected onto the band during a one-day shoot, filmed using a Red Monochrome camera. You can read how they went about it in detail in this first-person article (opens in new tab).

Which music videos did we miss? Let us know in the comments box below!

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Sammy Maine was a founding member of the Creative Bloq team, working as a Commissioning Editor. Her interests cover graphic design in music and film, illustration and animation. Since departing, Sammy has written for The Guardian, VICE, The Independent & Metro, and currently co-edits the quarterly music journal Gold Flake Paint.