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Convey Human Emotion

A facial expression can speak volumes about a person's emotional state, and it's one of the most important factors to consider when creating a believable character. This project provides specialist advice on how to give your characters realistic expressions that will really bring them to life.

Humans are capable of displaying an extremely varied range of emotional states and intensities, and some subtleties can be easily missed. A face in repose can look remarkably similar to one showing contempt, for example, so you must be an expert observer before you can really communicate the feelings of your characters.

According to the experts, there are seven basic emotions that are expressed by the face in the same way across all cultures: understanding these will go a long way to conveying the moods of your characters. The following steps will provide a breakdown of the intricacies of each expression, and will reveal a number of creative techniques you can use to add depth to your character design work.

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