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Making lip-syncing simple

Character animation is a pain. It's time consuming, difficult and - unless you are capable of knocking out quality that's at least as good as that of TV's big-budget, mega-crewed cartoons - it's hard to impress anybody.

Or, rather, it would be was it not for one saving grace: lip-syncing. Lip-syncing is one of the most satisfying things to learn in animation because it both impresses people and it's easy. It's great when someone says, "Wow, how did you make it talk?"

And what's better is that lip-syncing using Flash is even easier. This tutorial is purely an exercise in lip-syncing using the Flash technique that I learnt while at Cartoon Network. I've set up the character, body animation and background, so all you need to do to complete the film is to make the little professor talk! In case you get lost at any stage, I have also included a finished project file, which you can use as reference (chemistry_todayfin.fla).

Click here to download the support files (11.8MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free