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Create an explosive iPad game

When creating a mobile application, it's not always easy to decide which platform to choose.

Do you select Apple's iPhone or iPad? A BlackBerry? Or maybe Google's Android platform? Why not make it for all of them? Appcelerator's Titanium software is so versatile it enables us to create applications rapidly using JavaScript, which can then be published to any of the above platforms. Featuring geolocation/mapping, accelerometer, multi-touch and a whole lot more, Appcelerator's a great asset to have in our arsenal for the next client pitch.

In this tutorial we will create a small game for the hottest new mobile technology, the iPad. We will learn how to set up a Titanium project, the fundamentals of mobile app creation and how we test our projects in an iPad simulator as we build a basic bomb-defusing game. Download the support files, then once you have the iPhone SDK (free but requires registration) and Appcelerator Titanium (free from here) installed, we're ready to go!

Click here to download the support files (30MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free