New BBC branding shows Glastonbury in a new light

Since it began in 1970, Glastonbury Festival has grown into one of the world's favourite music events, and as it's grown over the years, so has the demand for coverage from the BBC.

This year, the broadcaster is providing the most comprehensive coverage of Glastonbury to date, offering a complete multi-platform experience with coverage from six stages, and so decided it was also time to refresh its visual identity for the event.

Name in lights

London-based creative agency Studio Output was commissioned to redesign the branding, the brief focusing on recognising and connecting with new audiences without alienating the faithful funseekers.

The team began by tweaking the existing typography for greater legibility, then creating a new representation of the pyramid through the use of dynamic light effects. The result is an effect which mimics standing in front of the main stage, caught in the glare of either summer sunlight or phazing lightwalls.

The Studio Output team created a new representation of the pyramid through the use of dynamic light effects

"Something you always notice at Glastonbury is the way the excitement builds as day turns to night," explains Studio Output's creative director Alun Edwards. "We wanted to capture that feeling of glimpsing the setting sun, or being blown away by the stage lights of a headline performance."

The agency worked closely with Found, its moving image partners, to create the animated sting, with the reveal building to a crescendo of triangular light that defines the symbolic nature of the Pyramid Stage.

The team also applied the idea of layered light to the relevant BBC web page background and rolled out the visual identity across extra promotional materials.

The new visual identity was rolled out across the BBC Glastonbury webpage and other promotional materials

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