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Create a new brand

In a market where consumers are continually bombarded by new messages, effectively communicating your meaning can be troublesome. That's where branding comes to the fore, tying together your message across all media.

An excellent example of this can be seen in a recent project by London-based Form, famous for its music-related design work including Girls Aloud album covers and spin-off media. This project involved a new youth dance programme launched by Youth Dance England. Designed in response to the growth in popularity of dancing both inside and outside of schools, the campaign encourages young people to take part in dance performances.

The project is unusual in that the brand was created completely from the ground up - even the name came from the agency. It's rare you'll have this luxury, as many branding exercises have legacy elements that must be incorporated. Consequently, this is a brilliant example of a multi-media branding project developed from conception right through to delivery.

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