Paper art branding for 'gift experience' startup

With offices in both London and Croatia, design studio Bunch was perfectly placed to create the branding for Ogopogo - a start-up that aims to bring the ‘gift experience’ concept to Croatia for the first time.

Each gift box contains a brochure and a voucher to redeem the experience, which at the moment consists mostly of sporting days out.

“For a while we’ve been waiting for the right project to come along to use Tena Letica’s paper talents, and Ogopogo seemed like that right one,” explains Bunch’s Denis Kovac

The concept of buying an ‘experience in a box’ is well established in the UK and US, but in places like Croatia, where the idea is still very new, explaining the concept is vitally important. “As always with something that’s new to the market, there will be challenges,” says Denis Kovac of Bunch, “but also because of the fact that it’s new to the market, we had a bit more freedom to suggest what we thought would work well,” he continues.

“In the very early stages, we set ourselves a task - to create a user experience in which they would understand that each of these boxes has been uniquely crafted for them, and that they are far from generic, stock photography-driven designs. At the same time, we wanted to tap into the youthful excitement associated with receiving creative gifts.”

Bunch decided to think outside the box when branding the contents of this... er... box

To complement the clean, clear designs, Bunch settled on using photography of striking handcrafted paper models, built by freelance designer Tena Letica and photographed by Mladen Šaric: “We needed something that was modular and timeless, but interesting enough so that it wouldn’t date quickly; something that could showcase the excitement of the contents on the outside of the box,” Kovac concludes.

This article was originally published in Computer Arts issue 209.

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