High-end branding sets fashion website apart

Blonde + Ginger's ecommerce website needed to stand out from the crowd

The ubiquity of the web provides the modern retailer with both an opportunity and a headache. An opportunity, in the form of a low barrier to entry. A headache, because that means competition is endless and relentless.

In such an environment, branding can make the difference between a retailer standing out and being invisible. For this reason, independent fashion retailer Blonde + Ginger asked Manchester-based design agency Ahoy to help it create an engaging look and feel that would enable it to sit alongside similar higher-end clothing labels with a distinct personality.

The website has a clear and uncluttered approach to navigation

The project involved creating a new brand, including a logo design that could be used across swing tickets, clothing labels, business cards, email campaigns, and the ecommerce site.

To avoid looking and feeling like other off-the-shelf, ecommerce websites, Ahoy steered clear of the normal array of 'boxy' drop-down options and filter selections. Instead, the website was designed to be smooth and seamless, enabling visitors to scroll through the collection with ease.

Swing tickets and business cards were designed to a high-spec finish with a debossed brand pattern. Each card includes a space on the reverse that allows Blonde + Ginger to include hand-drawn sketched images to accompany each limited edition dress. The opportunity for the client to customise each label was a unique feature that echoed the exclusivity of the dresses themselves.

Swing tickets and business cards were designed to a high-spec finish

The results are impressive, and its this kind of joined-up thinking - establish clear brand principles, then apply them consistently across all areas of the business - that's exactly what every full-service agency needs to provide in today's world.

Ahoy's branding of Blonde + Ginger carries through the same basic principles throughout the range of marketing material

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