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How Firstborn's website redesign subtly breaks expectations

Firstborn is a full service agency specialising in areas ranging from digital strategy to web design and content strategy. And its own recent website's redesign is a real gem.

It has personality and grit whilst maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic, which vice president and executive creative director Dave Snyder says was one of the project's creative goals.

The large typography is mixed with a sharp, bright red colour palette, helping the redesign feel more bold and powerful than before. Captivating graphics and images of the agency's work are emphasised, taking up large portions of the screen. It makes a real statement.

The site's interactions are fun while being snappy enough to not hinder the experience

Beyond aesthetics, what I love most about the site is the balance and grid. The site breathes with beautiful white space amongst all the imagery and typography, meaning all the elements flow perfectly.

And while the studio could have kept a more 'boxy' grid approach to styling various areas, it subtly broke expectations by balancing call to action buttons, animations and fades, all executed with the level of polish you'd anticipate from this team.

"The previous site really revolved around the work we do – and that's a huge indicator of the mentality here at Firstborn. However, we wanted to add a bit more around the people and what grounds our approach to that work," explains Snyder.

Words: Brian Hoff

Brian is the founder and creative director of Brian Hoff Design, a Philadelphia-based boutique digital agency creating web and mobile platforms and products. Follow him on Twitter at @behoff.

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