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Doggie label designs are a mutt-have

We're loving the label designs on this new line of enzyme-packed teas, which feature images of adorable rescue dogs in need of a home.

The story behind Kombucha Dog is the archetypal shaggy dog story, involving yoga, pet portraiture and Lindsay Lohan's lawyers; you can read it in full here. But we're more interested in the packaging.

Apart from being brilliantly designed, it's in a good cause: if one of the handsome mutts on the front takes your fancy, you can head to the website for information on giving them a good home.

A word of warning though: on said website, you'll almost definitely find a cool little character who'll pull at your heartstrings. Certain members of the Creative Bloq team have been banned from visiting because we're becoming sick of the cooing noises that result...

Visit the Kombucha dog website for more information on the project and how to adopt one of these gorgeous creatures.

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