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There's something missing from Absolut Vodka's new logo design

absolut vodka logo

The new Absolut Vodka logo goes for a new minimal look

Some of the best logos ever created in the world are also some of the most minimal. Ridding themselves of any frills or fuss, the designs remain instantly recognisable. Absolute Vodka have decided to go down the same route by redesigning their logo for a more minimal look.

Featuring a new typeface, the logo now simply reads 'Absolut' followed by a full stop. Leaving the 'Country of Sweden' and 'Vodka' aspects behind, this logo will now be the company's master identity. global director of Design Strategy at Absolut, Anna Kamjou, said: "The brand has become so iconic that we no longer needed the full three-line logo to convey ourselves.

absolut vodka logo

The old Absolut Vodka logo came with a lot more text

"By removing 'Country of Sweden', and 'Vodka', we’re putting the focus on the most important part of the brand - Absolut. The word itself not only means the perfect, the complete, and the ultimate, but it also means the open-ended, infinite and indefinite."

[via The Spirits Business]

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