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Mantone: 5 colour palettes for the modern man

Click on the image to see the full chart

Click on the image to see the full chart

You've heard of Pantone, you may have heard of its booze-related buddy Beertone... now Chicago-based designer LunchBreath has created Mantone, described as "five exciting colour palettes for the complex modern man".

The 2013 colour forecast features five easily recognisable male stereotypes, each with their very own descriptions and colour palette: the hard-working hipster; the angsty alpha; the unemployed underachiever; the timid technophobe and the paranoid prepper.

We're sure you'll be able to think of at least one guy that would adhere to at least one of these Mantones. (The timid technophobe bares an uncanny resemblence to Creative Bloq's editor-in-chief Dan Oliver...).

Even though we're sure that this project was just a bit of fun for the designer, we can't quite help but find the palettes rather useful. The complementary colours are beautiful, with the accents and graphic elements providing a nice little extra.

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Do any of the Mantones have a doppelganger in your office? Let us know in the comments box below!