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Discover which procrastinator you are with this web comic

guide to procrastination

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We're all guilty of a little procrastination. Whether you're the type to just check your e-mail one last time or give your house a full spring clean before attempting that impending project, this hilarious guide to procrastinators will help you pin-point your avoiding ways.

The Field Guide to Procrastinators is one of the latest web comics created by Twenty Pixels, displaying the endless array of procrastinators out there. She explains, "I’ve been meaning to draw this for months now. When I finally decided to draw it, I found it funny that I was procrastinating on drawing about procrastination. It is like procrastination inception!"

Featuring procrastinators such as the delegator, the panicker, the snacker and the watcher, this is a playful and adorable look at our occasionally awful organisational skills.

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