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5 beautiful illustrated tributes to Ghostbuster Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis tributes

Six Pixel design created this brilliant Ghostbusters inspired illustration

Harold Ramis was responisible for some of the greatest comedies of our time, including Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day. Passing away yesterday at the age of 69 has inspired many artists to pay fitting tributes to the man himself. Here are some of our favourites.

01. Ash Vickers

harold ramis tributes

The Ghostbusters say goodbye to dear friend Ramis

This heartbreaking illustration was created by Ash Vickers, who is part of MegaCynics along with her friend Steven Dengler. Focusing her art on video games, popular culture, comics and more, it's no surprise that Vickers was quick to create this beautiful design.

02. Ninjaink

Harold Ramis illustrations

Ninjaink created this stunning illustration in the wake of Ramis' death

This stunning illustration by collective Ninjaink will really create a lump in your throats. They explain, "We're huge Ghostbusters fans, and fans of '80s movies in general. It is sad that Harold Ramis has passed away at the age of 69. Thanks for giving us such quality entertainment and great characters."

03. Paolo Rivera

harold ramis illustrations

A beautiful and simple tribute to the actor, writer and director

Working for Marvel comics since 2002, Paolo Rivera perfectly and simply captures the essense of Ramis in this minimalist illustration. Including his trademark glasses, the stripped back monochrome colour and equipment is a lovely tribute.

04. Antony Hare

Harold ramis illustrations

Harold Ramis as he appears in comedy 'Knocked Up'

Antony Hare is a brilliantly inventive illustrator and his unique style is expertly transferred to this warm adaptation of Harold Ramis during his Knocked Up appearance. Ramis was always one to create hilarious comedies and this illustration sums that up pretty perfectly.

05. Tae Won Yu

harold ramis illustrations

Ramis shown during filming of Groundhog Day

This delightful illustration by Tae Won Yu was included in Mike Sacks' book 'And here's the kicker' - a book which interviewed influential writers to gain inspiration and insight. This depiction of Ramis on the set of movie 'Groundhog Day' sees him in usual, smiling state.

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