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Alluring illustration project celebrates the best in typography

"An intimate love story between the two things I'm most passionate about: illustration and typography." That's how Florence-based graphic designer Simone Massoni describes Chicks & Types, an ongoing illustration project in which he pairs graceful pin-up ladies with what he refers to as their "typographic soulmates".

One in particular holds a special place in Massoni's heart: Simone and Bodoni. "Outside Italy people often think I'm a girl because of the sound at the end of my name. I'm used to it and I decided to play with it," he explains. "So the pin-up Simone is a girl disguised as a man." The figure's 19th-century dress is used in homage to the typeface's creator, Giambattista Bodoni.

Massoni launched Chicks & Types almost three years ago and is adamant that the project will continue as long as designers are creating brilliant new typefaces. "If they don't stop creating new masterpieces, why should I?" he reasons.

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 228.