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FreeHand MX: MX City Limits

With the latest version of FreeHand, we're given a host of new and improved tools. In the next five pages, we'll give you the lowdown on these tools and take you through how this illustration was created. Start with our interface and new feature guide on the next page, then follow Identikal's tutorial on how to build and create your own little world of FreeHand vector magic.

Using the 45-degree angle rule, you'll learn how to add those final touches of quality to perfect your own FreeHand illustrations; how to construct a technical-looking illustration using layers and colour co-ordination as simply as possible; how to plan and build your own unique city using the 'graphic blocks' you have put together; and finally, how to add definition and simplicity to your image as a whole.

The tutorial will also help you understand more about the simple rules of illustration: composition, colour and technique. Without these rules, your image will lose its character and fluidity. Once you've mastered all of these processes, you'll then be able to apply them to any of your illustrations to help develop your own unique styles and worlds. Best of luck!

Click here to download the tutorial for free