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Interactive map you can personalise with a scratch

There's something exciting about latex scratch-off varnish - you know, the stuff you get on lottery scratchcards and even on the cover of the latest issue of Computer Arts (find out more here, hint hint). And now we've discovered possibly the best use of that scratch-off stuff - on a map of the world.

The Scratch Map Deluxe from Luckies pretty much speaks for itself; you scratch off each country as you go, revealing a colourful map underneath and giving you a beautiful, interactive and personalised map of the world. It's a map tailored to you and your travels.

Luckies create a huge variety of world maps depending on your travel style, with some maps focusing purely on the food of the city. We'll definitely be snapping one of these up.

Take a look at the Luckies maps over on their website.

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