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The paper plane as you've never seen it before

world's best paper plane

The plane took around five years to complete

When you think of paper planes, you'd often think back to fond memories of folding up unwanted school work sheets and throwing them across the classroom. Designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart never grew out of the activity and has created one of the most detailed paper planes we've ever seen.

The Boeing 777 took Iaconi-Stewart about five years to complete with everything from the seats to the windows completed with the utmost attention to detail. The 1:60-scale jetliner was crafted out of manila folders and dabs of glue.

Using Adobe Illustrator and his trusty X-Acto knife, it took Iaconi-Stewart about 20 minutes to build an econony seat, four to six hours for business class and eight hours for first class. It seems all the hard work paid off - it's absolutely incredible!

[via Wired]

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