Perfect Vector Portraiture

When it comes to portraiture, Illustrator is one of the most flexible and powerful tools we have at our disposal in the creative world.

Because Illustrator is a vector graphics program, shapes can be swiftly and easily formed to produce portraits that are striking and fresh yet still have a great likeness to the photo reference.

Such portraiture skills are often required in editorial, from fashion all the way through to business magazines. I am often commissioned to produce portraits to accompany magazine articles. For example, my brief for a Touch magazine commission for an article entitled 'Adele Vs Duffy' was to illustrate the two singers in a boxing ring, complete with boxing gloves on, fighting for the No 1 chart position. Many editorial clients have very tight deadlines, so being able to create quality contemporary portraits quickly is a very handy skill to have. Using Illustrator, I'll show you how.

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