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Typography in Indesign CS

When InDesign took notice. Here was an application that finally offered the kind of advanced typographic control we'd all been screaming for. The first version of InDesign was a bit of a false start, being slower than treacle through a pair of tights, but with version two Adobe nailed the performance problem and the application became a real alternative for designers tired of QuarkXPress.

InDesign CS refines still further Adobe's commitment to typography, and together with some other improvements, such as interface tweaks, the ability to preview separations and enhanced XML support, is now a dream to work with and the new standard for page layout.

This tutorial will introduce you to some of InDesign's advanced typographic features, such as nested styles and the Adobe Paragraph Composer, which will make your layouts look both professional and aesthetically pleasing. If you've never tried InDesign before, its amazing ability to work with OpenType fonts to produce great-looking type might just convince you.

Click here to download the tutorial for free

For more info on type terms, check out the What is Typography post on our sister site Creative Bloq.