8 free wallpapers for typography lovers

Love typography design? Constantly exploring what is typography? Looking for a burst of creative inspiration every time you switch on your computer or mobile device? Then why not download one of these imaginative and creative type-based wallpapers? After all, they won't cost you a penny! For more options, check out our exclusive free wallpapers for phone, tablet and desktop.

01. Do More Work

Typography wallpapers: Do More Work

Tim Easley is a self taught designer and illustrator from London, who likes to work with hand-drawn lettering, bright colours and bold lines. He creates work from uniquely imaginative concepts, matching seemingly unrelated subject matters in playful and explorative illustrations.

"I did this hand lettered piece to remind myself that it’s important to keep doing work, even if you have absolutely nothing to use it for," he says. "It helps you develop your style, helps you visualise ideas, and may take you to places you didn’t even envisage before starting. Remember kids, practice makes better!"

To download this wallpaper, simply follow the links below:

02. The future of type

Typography wallpapers: The future of type

Rob Green is an award-winning art director from Birmingham, UK. He works broadly, covering everything from concept right through to design for print, TV and radio. "Towards the end of April, I came across an article that posed the question 'What is the future of type?'" he says. "What interested me most was how to answer such a question.

"Amongst the various replies and responses, the one that caught my eye most was the answer given by the brilliant designer and typographer Erik Spiekerman, who said: 'You might as well ask: What is the future of mankind? Why could anybody ask such a general and unspecific question? I'll still answer it. The future of type is the past of type: visual language. As long as we speak and write, we’ll have type. Different voices, different messages, different media: different type.'

"It was this insight that inspired me to create this typographic piece. The reason I’ve simplified it to 'The future of type is...' is because that kind of question is so open to interpretation. What excites me about type is exactly that; interpretation. What starts out as words can become so much more. As I’ve attempted to show here, with careful layout and considered cropping, type has always had the strength to create incredible imagery. It’s as timeless as it is future-proof in my opinion."

To download this wallpaper, simply follow the links below:

03. Smooth

Typography wallpapers: Smooth

João Oliveira is a freelance art director, designer and illustrator from Porto, Portugal. Oliveira is also the founder of multidisciplinary studio Onrepeat, which specializes in the creation of visuals for advertising campaigns, design of identities for brands, editorial design and typography design.

"This illustration was originally created for the Depthcore's 'Echoes' exhibition and it's about jazz," he says. "My objective with this piece, just like many others of mine, was to blend typography with illustration, resulting on this exuberant brass instrument made of letters and elements from different jazz instruments."

To download this cool wallpaper, simply follow the links below:

04. Never Retire till the Race is Won

Typography wallpapers: Never retire till the race is won

Here's one contributed by top illustrator Steven Bonner. "I did this as the Olympics drew closer," he explains, "as I wanted to explore a medal ribbon typeface I'd been working on. The idea of never finishing something until you've achieved your goal appeals to me."

To download this awesome image, simply follow the links below:

05. Designers are meant to be loved

Typography wallpapers: Designers are meant to be loved

Abduzeedo is a great source of design-related tutorials and interviews, plus they regularly post a number of inspired wallpapers for designers to download. This brilliant creation comes courtesy of Fabien Barral, a digital artist and designer from France, and we applaud its sentiment as much as its aesthetic vision.

06. Periodic Table

Typography wallpapers: Periodic Table

We make no secret that we're big fans of Behance, the online portfolio network for creatives, and it's a great place to find cool downloadable wallpapers. This inspired design - as educational as it is beautiful - is the work of Cam Wilde aka Squidcam, a multimedia designer from Alamogordo, New Mexico.

07. Helvetica

Typography wallpapers: Helvetica

I Love Typography is one of the leading blogs for typography nerds, and it also offers some great typographical wallpapers. This brilliant homage to Helvetica was designed by Hamish Macpherson, a Canadian creative and web producer.

08. Knights of Cydonia

Typography wallpapers: Knights of Cydonia

Artist community site Deviant Art is another great place to find free wallpapers, and we just love this creation by member ka-ge, inspired by the song Knights of Cydonia by Muse.

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