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Magical mirror people shed light on consumerism

Artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen creates a new arena of interaction between artist and audience in her second solo exhibition, Mobile Mirros, at the Christian Larsen Gallery in Stockholm. Filling a bright, open space, a group of mannequins covered in a mosaic of mirror shards stand in different poses, filling the room with a beautiful pattern of reflections.

Rasmussen developed the piece with consumerism in mind. "Cuenca Rasmussen's sculptures construct a poetic and, at the same time, pointed criticism of this relationship between object and beholder/consumer," she explains.

"The mirror surfaces of the mannequins turn our gaze back onto our ourselves, forcing us to become aware of our own bodies and consumption habits... we can see ourselves as part of a much larger system, as complex and chaotic as ever the sculptures' reflections."

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