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Eggcellent Pantone project provides an Easter treat

These eggs are naturally-coloured from different breeds of hen

These eggs are naturally-coloured from different breeds of hen

Happy Easter, or near enough! And to get you into the festive Easter spirit, we found these brilliant Pantone eggs.

They're the work of Lucy Litman from San Francisco, who definitely has a bit of a thing about Pantone. As well as her Pantone eggs – which aren't dyed, by the way, they're naturally-coloured eggs from different breeds of hen – Lucy has been giving all manner of different foodstuffs the Pantone treatment.

If you head over to her Instagram account you'll find a smorgasbord of Pantoned treats, including chocolates, ice cream and doughnuts, as well as healthier options such as fruit and salad leaves.

And if you look around you'll discover that as well as the Pantone stuff, Lucy has a whole load of entertaining food-based imagery to enjoy. If anyone ever told her not to play with her food, she definitely wasn't listening.

But, you say, what about some actual Pantone Easter eggs? We can help you out with that too; if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, here are some great instructions for turning ordinary eggs into proper Pantone eggs.

Oh, and if you were wondering, there actually is a Pantone shade called Easter Egg; it's a sort of pale blue with a hint of violet. So now you know!

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