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Playing cards celebrate Reebok Classics

reebok playing cards

The deck features four iconic Reebok sneaker designs

Some of the best sneaker designs of all time have come from Reebok. In the past few decades, sneakers have transformed from footwear to works of art, with fans often snapping up limited editions and classic offerings in an instance.

Design agency Distinct Life has teamed up with Reebok to trace their history and evolution of sneaker design with this awesome set of playing cards, which will be sold through Reebok outlets. Featuring 40 of the brand’s most well-known and iconic styles, the deck is split into four categories: Classic, Retro, Reserve and Pump.

The black and white motif printed on the back of the cards is the design that inspired Reebok to start producing sneakers in the first place. Which design is your favourite?

reebok playing cards

[via Design Taxi]

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